This doc explains how Houseware integrates with dbt to provide Houseware users with a fantastic revenue analytics experience. Get started with this brief guide below.

Houseware is a revenue analytics workbench that allows knowledge workers to visualize and consume critical business data in metrics that ensure the availability of fresh and accurate data. Customers can now simply plug in their dbt and warehouse to Houseware and get started with getting the best value out of their data!

Things you will need to connect Houseware and dbt cloud:

  1. dbt Account, Project, Environment, Job ID: This is the dbt cloud account and Project ID which is available in the dbt Cloud URL. Please ensure that:

    1. dbt project is linked to the warehouse connected to Houseware.

    2. The environment is of the type DEPLOYMENT.

    3. Job execution settings should have the "Generate Docs" flag set to ON.

  2. Auth token

    1. Create a new service token for the configured dbt project with Job Admin permissions.

    2. Houseware uses this token for accessing the dbt project's metadata.

  3. Proxy Server URL (optional)

    1. If you have the dbt Semantic Layer enabled in the environment you mentioned above, enter the URL for the proxy server associated with your environment.

    2. Proxy server URL can be found under the environment ID settings in the Semantic Layer section.

Once we’re started with the onboarding, you can plug your warehouse into Houseware, and start consuming your current metrics on Houseware App, Chrome extension, and Slack app.

You can also use Houseware’s native connections (Powered by Fivetran) to bring data from your most important SaaS tools into your warehouse and start consuming it on Houseware.

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